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What present would you buy for a 4 year old boy?

I love it when my boys come into the shop for a visit.  They are always really enthusiastic and have a good look around to check out anything new and give me their thoughts on what we have on display.  They weren’t impressed with the new Fairy Ballerina’s! So this Saturday on a visit into Worthing I asked them to choose what they did like.

I gave them a challenge ‘Imagine you are buying a present for a 4 year old boy, and tell me what you’d choose’.  Actually they did a great job.  They both agreed (without arguing!) on the same Djeco Wooden Fishing Game, which is one of our best sellers.  They then obviously had to test it out to check out if it really was as much fun as they thought.  It was a winner!

They took the job really seriously and decided that they’d need to choose a Birthday card too.

They then selected one of the Djeco scratch board sets to take home for some serious product testing! Actually these went down really well. Definitely a big success. ”Really easy to scratch and they look really good even when you do the scratching a bit messy.  I really like the gold colour and the T-Rex is awesome.”

Also got them to help out with a bit of pricing – who doesn’t love the pricing gun!

Well done boys, I’m loving having my own in-house team of product developers and testers.