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Is It Really Worthwhile Buying Children’s Organic Clothing?

Have you ever thought about what your children’s clothes are made of? We don’t mean just the materials, but how those materials are made and the processes that are involved. And have you ever thought about buy children’s organic clothing?

Children's Organic Clothing


The majority of our clothing is usually made from cotton, so our skin is pretty much guaranteed to come into contact with it at some point during the day. But did you know that around 90% of all cotton is genetically modified? And because skin happens to be rather absorbent, we could be exposed to harmful substances every day. Granted, the amounts may be small, but that’s still a pretty scary thought don’t you think?

It’s Organic September, which got us here at Harmony at Home Children’s Boutique thinking about the children’s organic clothing we stock and why we love it so much. We are proud to stock Pigeon, Frugi and Kite children’s organic clothing. Not just because of the gorgeous designs but because of the quality of the cotton which is always 100% organic and because we know it’s kind to children’s skin.

Kind to Sensitive Skin

It’s Organic September, and 16th-24th September is also National Eczema Week. You may be thinking ‘What’s the connection?’ Well, 1 in 5 children in the UK suffer from eczema and while some might “grow out” of it, others might not. Either way it can be very difficult to treat and manage and extremely stressful for children and their parents. Organic clothing could help many sufferers because it is less likely to cause irritation and allergic reactions due to its softness and the fact that no chemicals are used in the making process.

It’s not only good for eczema sufferers, but it’s good for anyone with sensitive skin in general. We certainly think that bit of comfort it could bring to a child definitely makes it worthwhile considering buying children’s organic clothing.

Children's Organic Clothing


Helping the Environment

Unfortunately, the impact that non-organic cotton farming has on the environment isn’t great. The chemicals used to treat the plant can get into the water supply, the air, and because the majority of cotton is still handpicked, the farmers have to come into contact with the poisonous substances. Around 25% of the entire worlds insecticide usage and more than 10% of pesticides goes onto cotton crops. That’s such a vast amount, when we could cut it out completely if we simply switched to organic cotton.

Well Treated Workers

Organic clothing is not only good for your children and the environment, buying organic also ensures that workers are treated fairly, which unfortunately isn’t often the case with commercial cotton. As there aren’t any chemicals on the cotton, farmers are able to sell it at a higher price, in turn workers are given fair wages and reasonable working hours. So, no one gets exploited anywhere during the process, which is great for the conscience.

Spoilt for Choice

Because an increasing amount of people are embracing the organic way of life, and recognising the benefits, organic clothing is becoming more and more popular.  You certainly don’t have to worry about a lack of options. We used to think organic clothing would have to be quite plain, but actually, there is such a wide variety of products and designs that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Children's Organic Clothing


Frugi is just one popular brand of organic children’s clothing that we sell.  They always ensure that production is ethical throughout their whole process, so you know that you’re getting what you pay for. Their range of clothing is beautifully designed, cute and colourful, so if you haven’t yet, we would recommend having a look and you’ll probably soon be hooked!

Kite is another of the organic clothing brands that we stock.  They are a gorgeous bunch of people, based in Dorset and because all their clothing is made from 100% organic cotton you know what you’re buying is of a very high quality.

We also stock Pigeon organic clothing. They work in partnership with a factory in Nottinghamshire, where they produce a lot of their organic children’s clothing, which is easily identified by the ‘Made in England’ label. It’s great that organic cotton clothing is being made right here in the UK and that British companies are being supported.

You can see the Frugi, Kite and Pigeon products that we stock here, or you can come and have a look in store.

Children's Organic Clothing


So, Is It Really Worthwhile Buying Children’s Organic Clothing?

Generally speaking, the price of organic clothing is higher than that of other clothing. But, not by that much when you consider the huge benefits which we believe makes it worth that little bit extra:

  • Organic clothing is kinder to skin as no chemicals are used to produce the organic cotton, and it is softer than commercial cotton, so the likeliness of irritation to skin is reduced.
  • The workers during all stages of the production process are treated well and given a fair wage.
  • Better for the environment because no harmful chemicals are used in the production.
  • Clothing made from organic cotton lasts much longer than non-organic, so it could actually save you money in the long run as you won’t have to keep replacing clothes, due to them being more robust, and you can pass them down to other family members or friends.


Children's Organic Clothing

Now we’re not suggesting you throw out your child’s whole wardrobe and only buy children’s organic clothing from this point onwards! but maybe try one or two pieces and just see if you can notice the difference? We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!