Hair Dresser Role Play Kit


Who needs a new hair cut, blow dry and style?

We have the perfect wooden role play kit for all budding Hairdressers!

With a size-adjustable hair stylist’s belt, every hairdresser will make it big in their local salon. This belt offers enough space for the high-quality wooden salon tools like the hairdryer, brush, scissors and comb. The cute little pocket comes with a zipper and contains hair ties and hairslides.

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Children will love to make believe with this Hair Dressers Kit. This hair dressing set is a great addition to any child’s role play toy collection.

With a bright and colourful kit belt is perfect for children that may show an interest in hairdressing or role-play.

The adjustable belt holds high-quality, wooden stylist tools such as a hairdryer, brush, scissors and comb. The belt also includes a small pocket that contains various colours of hair ties and hair clips. The belt can be adjusted to different sizes and the buckles on the belt can be opened and closed easily.

The chunky tools are perfect for little hands to hold, supporting dexterity and fine motor skills. Furthermore, this toy is great for developing expressive arts and design skills. As well as their understanding of the world.

This lovely sustainable wooden toy is recommended for children aged from 3 years.

Dimensions: Belt approx. max. 90 x 14 cm, Hairdryer approx. 10 x 3 x 11 cm  – kit contains 13 pieces.


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