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Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

There’s been lots in the news recently about the environment, the impact we are having on plastic pollution in the ocean and the changes that we can make – and it’s got me thinking….

January – Not too late to still wish everyone a very Happy New Year!  It’s the time of year when we all promise ourselves that this is the year that we are going to become better, healthier, fitter individuals. No more copious amounts of cheese, chocolates from the Christmas tree, mulled wine and definitely no more using the exercise bike as a coat peg – or maybe this is just me!? Clearly some things will be easier to change than others!

Many of us have been reading for a long time about the serious issues that plastic has on our Oceans and the Environment.  It seems that people’s awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean has also been increased over the last few months following the fantastic Blue Planet series on the BBC.  An amazing series and there is no doubt that some scenes were pretty upsetting to watch when you saw the damage that is occurring in our Oceans.

So Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to eradicate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042.

The commitment is part of the government’s 25-year plan to improve the natural environment.  But green groups are angry the proposals will have no legal force and it makes you wonder if anything will actually change. Jeremy Corbyn has said that the “throw-away” culture had to be tackled “now,” after his party described Mrs May’s plans as a “cynical attempt at rebranding the Tories’ image”.

Whatever happens, you can be sure that the politicians will continue to argue between themselves but lets hope that 2018 is the year that they really are committed to making a change.  It’s hard to continue to ignore the impact that plastic is having on our Oceans and as a proud resident of a seaside town surely we have to take responsibility ourselves?

Sometimes small changes really can make a difference. The plastic bag charge in shops has definitely had an impact. Some people were extremely annoyed when the ruling was first introduced but now we don’t even think about it.  Taking your ‘bag for life’ with you when you go shopping is just what you do and this could now be extended to all retailers.

I’m pleased to say that we have always used paper bags, our customers really like them and surely that’s an easy change for more retailers to make?

A major issue with some retailers is the huge amount of plastic that is used in packaging which is completely unnecessary. I for one would definitely be in favour of a “plastic-free” aisle at the supermarket.

Can we do even more? The Cornish town of Penzance has become the first community in the UK to be awarded “plastic-free” status after dozens of residents and business people backed a grassroots scheme aimed at helping clean up oceans and beaches. What an amazing idea – this has to be food for thought!

In Warwick Street, Worthing we are spoilt for choice for places to enjoy a good cup of coffee and we have now switched to reusable ones for our daily fix. Again, only a small move but one that we are hoping ultimately will make a difference. Thanks Giuseppes Lite for the photo and great coffee!

One of our preferred suppliers of our wooden toys manufactures a large percentage of their products in cardboard boxes without any plastic packaging. This is a big consideration for me and we know that our customers appreciate it too. 

The tags on all the organic clothing we sell are made from card and string rather than plastic.

It probably costs slightly more than plastic and that’s why many tags are still plastic but I’m sure the difference in cost can’t be huge and again if all manufacturers did it then it would just become the norm.

There are plans to help more children engage with the environment and this will include £10m for school visits and a programme to create school grounds that allow youngsters to learn more about the natural world. This has to be a very positive step.

If I’m completely honest with myself I probably won’t completely ditch the chocolate or wine this year but I am committed to making as many changes as we can – however small they may be – that will have a positive impact on the environment and the plastic pollution in the ocean.

So let me know what changes you are hoping to make this year – I’m just off to find my reusable coffee cup, it would be rude not to fill it!




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