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Halloween –  A treat or just a nightmare?!

I’ve always struggled a bit with Halloween.  My children want me to get as excited about it as they are.  It doesn’t sit so easy with me though. I’m from the generation that didn’t grow up with the concept of Trick or Treat.  That was just something that the American kids did.  I guess it sounded like fun but not something that we did.  Dressing up and then knocking on front doors asking for sweets all sounded a bit weird and something that only happened on the TV.

Halloween Pettiskirt Tutu

As a child, our big Autumn event was always the 5th November.  Out in the back garden, stinking of bonfire, Dad handing out the sparklers while Mum kept up the supply of sausages and Heinz tomato soup. I loved it and always looked forward to it.

But I realise it’s not the 1970’s anymore and Halloween celebrations look like they are here to stay, and my children certainly would never forgive me if we didn’t mark the occasion.

I still felt very weird the first time I buckled under the pressure of ‘pleeeaaase Mum’ and we went off to Trick or Treat.  Once I’d understood the rules – if there’s a pumpkin go ahead and knock, but if you can’t see one then please don’t knock – I felt much happier.  Good rule, it works, the kids are happy, neighbours are happy and I don’t feel like I’m bothering anyone.

So Halloween for kids just seems to be part of Autumn now.  Even though the kids are getting older and it’s not quite as exciting, they still love to plan what they are going to wear and meet up with their friends to plan which roads are more likely to be the most generous and who can fill their goody bags the quickest.

Trick or Treat Bags


And I have to admit I actually quite enjoy it now and love to see all the little children in their Halloween costumes come knocking at the door.  In fact, I’m hoping for lots of visitors this Halloween, otherwise I’ll be left with a year’s supply of Haribo sweets!

The plan for this weekend is obviously to practice my pumpkin carving skills and to look up recipes for exactly what I am going to do with all that pumpkin – there must be something more exciting than pumpkin pie!?

So, it looks like Halloween for kids celebrations are here to stay and very firmly a fixture on the Autumn calendar – and if Halloween is celebrated on Strictly Come Dancing – then it’s good enough for me!

Halloween Pencils

I still haven’t embraced it as much as children would like.  If they were in charge our house would be a complete grotto filled with burning pumpkins with screaming ghouls and ghosts.  Not sure I’ll ever get to that stage but I’ll happily help out with the costumes for Trick or Treating and will gladly purchase a couple of pumpkins ready for carving.

So yes, it’s true. For me, Halloween is now a bit of a treat and not nearly as much of a nightmare as it used to be.

Its also Half Term and Halloween is a very good excuse for some very fun events to get the kids out and about.

Happy Halloween everyone!

2 thoughts on “Halloween –  A treat or just a nightmare?!

  1. I feel the same Claire. It was this thing only American children did. Of course the kids love it so I’ve learnt to embrace it. (I do hide the sweets when they get back and ration them out!) Have to say there are some pretty spooktacular homes in Worthing at Halloween which we love seeing!! ☠️

    1. I’ve hidden some of the sweets myself thinking they’d never notice if I swipe a couple – but they always do!

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